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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 15, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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how that could affect your money. we will know with some of our all-stars. our best and brightest here to sort it all out. >> i will see you there. thank you so much. the nation's second-largest school system shut down. the threat mentioned explosive and vices. i am trish regan. welcome everyone to the intelligence report. students kept home. the area of right now on heightened alert. terrorists killed 14 people. >> i want you to know that i made this decision to close the school. i could not take the chance as it relates to one student or our staff that served our students. >> we have a lot of information coming into us.
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complete coverage for you starting with safety and security. also, a former assistant director of the fbi. our own ashley webster. the very latest on the story. >> we have to really second-guessing each other. bill bratton saying that the l.a. school district overreacted. this was not a credible threat. the fbi has told the school district it was not a serious threat. regardless, the superintendent says that he felt the threat was credible. more than 1000 of you, including the charter schools, 640,000 students to be exact. judging the whole system down. they will check all 900 schools.
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involving the detonation of backpacks and packages and so on. we pretty much have the same e-mail. it was riddled with mistakes. claiming to be ag hot. taking the name of all of. things that obviously would not have been done if the threat was real. in response, the l.a. school district holding a press conference just about a half hour ago. it is so easy for others to criticize when they have no responsibility for the outcome of that decision. certainly a lot a second guessing going on. they believe that was a credible threat. now, can they reopen tomorrow. this threat traced to an ip address, and internet protocol. it was believed to be a blank e-mail sent out.
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there are indications that it went to other school districts. it is not that long ago that the san bernardino came under the radar and certainly it nerves on edge. trish: nerves are on edge. very much. i do not want to have the life of one student on my shoulders. it is tough in an environment such as we are living in right now. i want to bring in the whole panel. joining in addition to myself. what is your take on this? did l.a. do the right thing? do you need to be extra vigilant at times like this? >> you have to be real careful on when you ring that bell and when you do not. he does not want to pull the trigger. the bad guys are watching as
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well. if they see us react like this, what happens tomorrow? what happens next week. life has to go on. one what bill bratton is doing is making sure we are safe and forging ahead. >> how does this actually work? there is not a ton of credibility to this threat. the school system still does. is that the one that is in charge of this case? >> this is a local matter. the superintendent is responsible for that school district. the fbi advice ought to be taken seriously. inside, there is a very clear process. particularly when they were late to weapons of mass destruction. here we have reference to some sort of nerve agent. thirty-two people involved in the plot. >> that e-mail itself.
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>> that is the reporting. >> frankfurt germany. talk of nerve gas. more than 30 people that would have been involved in this threat. >> the fbi will take a look at that. we may know an ip address. there are many threats coming from the same ip address. taking apart this threat line by line. word by word. what gives it credibility and what takes credibility from it? >> do think the fbi was able to determine that so quickly? >> i have to assume and i think the chief referred to it. good people dedicated to their students. want to make sure that they are safe. what do they know and when do they know it.
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this has no credibility or low credibility. maybe they went the wrong direction. maybe they overreact to it. what are the drivers? what is the timetable for which they have to make a decision? trish: 640,000 kids and all of their parents, of course. little kids there as well. it is not easy to organize something like a school closure. >> especially the size. they set off early in the day and drop their kids off. not everyone got the notice. it has been creating chaos for many across southern california. let's not forget that everyone's nerves are very much on edge.
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such a drastic move. it is always easy to be the monday morning quarterback in situations like this. bill bratton said when he read the threat, he felt like the person who wrote it had been watching homeland on showtime. a very similar plot. trish: what does it mean for new york city schools and schools all over the country right now? they worry about their own kids all across america. what do other schools need to be thinking about in this environment? >> schools and parents. let this moment serve as a teaching point. the parents did not get contacted did they did not know what to do. suppose this were actually happening. get your child home safe and sound. trish: there was one commentator
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on fox business earlier today. suggested that maybe this hope was being done in a deliberate way by a terrorist to gain information on the process by which the schools would react. is there any credibility to that? let's face it. often with these attacks, they are not giving warnings. >> no. make no mistake. our foreign terror adversaries are learning animals. they learn, they watch from what we do. they change their tactics based on what we do. they are doing that now with visas and passports. trying to get their people here. get their operatives from here to there to train. >> getting their operatives here. we are set to begin accepting
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serious refugees into our country. i said has already told us they intend to populate the refugee population with jihad. in your view? >> i think we need to be double our efforts. we are very confident to bring people here and admit them to the united states. trish: you check your social media profile. you want to come to the united states of america and become a citizen by marrying another american here it yes. i agree with you. a lot more betting needs to be done. >> i do not think we can. absolutely not.
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we are reading in the media, time and time again picked we are dropping the ball. we cannot even get our veterans the proper medical care. >> thank you so much. the to have you here. we will stay on this story coming up. getting more information to us out of los angeles. what they need to be doing to protect our schools. protect our young people. what do we need to do to protect the entire community across the country. what are the israelis doing that we ought to be doing here? stay with us. that is next. ♪ you used to sleep like a champ.
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all l.a. county schools are closed for the first time in a decade after a bomb threat traced to frankfurt, germany. >> this is a new reality that we are confronting. they believe that it was, we have a whole different set of concerns. we have this fear in society since 9/11. how do we deal with it? what measures can we take? >> a really good point. one we know a country like israel. they deal with threats. what do they do? their students have gas masks if they think they have a gas attack. also in israel, anyone who has been in the force, men and
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women, they have a right to carry it with them. their guns in their t-shirts. they have a gun, a rifle. >> they empower citizens to fight back. >> everybody is a form of the military. men and women. they know how to fire. they know how to use a gun. >> again. i talked to the man who set up the security system. he said, ethnic profiling. we can't do racial profiling. we all look alike. he said our conservative members of our religion, we cannot touch them. they are not allowed to be
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patted down. what we do, the behavior. how they behave. terrorist behave in a certain way. we have people watching and our airports, who was acting a little funny. >> my husband travels to israel quite a bit. he is an investment banker. i am always interested to hear his security stories. what company should this one by? jfk. people would not necessarily know what that is. a whole level to your point about understanding behavior there at the airport.
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>> looking at him tuesday as he sweating too much. is he behaving the way he should be behaving? >> behavior profiling. who looks nervous at wrong time in the wrong ways. what strikes me today, now we will have this, though they should not have done it. they jumped the gun. step back and say the american people are rattled after paris, after san bernardino. the president keeps coming out to reassure. we do not feel that the government has a handle on this. we're seeing more and more evidence. facebook pages. social media. it just makes no sense. we are thinking every man for themselves. >> not the way it should be right now. kt mcfarland. thank you as always. we will spend more time on that. looking out what israel does. it is economic terrorism.
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trish: welcome back, everyone. the second largest school district in america is closed. 640,000 students out of school today. not to mention all the parents scrambling to leave work to care for their children. >> we have made sure that our parents are notified through connect dead messages and we have repeated that time and time again. those students that walked to school, especially young children, neighborhood children, we have had the principles meet them at the gate of the school. they were not dismissed until parents came to pick them up.
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a guardian you'd etc. trish: it is so sad when you think about that. the reality that these little kids are facing today. all of these questions going through many of the parents minds. there are the others. a lot of these parent cannot go to work. many of them may need the money. there is a serious cost to terror. douglas holtz-eakin joins us right now. what do you think of the overall financial toll to an economy when there is a situation like this? they are told to go home from an l.a. school system. >> this is a big impact. the obvious one is the one that you pointed out. that is not good for any
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economy. it goes past that. the fear cost can be very large and happen fast. people can be afraid to go to the movies, a restaurant, the mall. those industries are badly hurt. these are impacts that can happen quickly. as we learn after 9/11, impacts that are around for a long time. spending money on security guards. you know, los angeles and the government. spending a lot of money. >> how there may be a need for much bigger security here in this country. you may and fax the business is doing that. that may be a whole mother industry. starting to evolve and change and grow. unfortunately, as a result of all of this. there is this sort of, you mentioned this cost of fear. i wonder if you are starting to
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see some of that this holiday season. a lot of people did not go to the retail stores following the attacks that happened in paris. just after thanksgiving. they shopped online. online sales showed some improvement. brick-and-mortar sales are down. do you think that has any connection to people with on willingness to go out to these crowded places right now. >> over the longer term, we know that economies adapt. the ability to start up new businesses and adapt. after 9/11 2001, you start to see other models from retail sales. it stems back to fear of brick-and-mortar sales at that time. it accelerates that. there are some winners and there are some losers. for the u.s. as a whole, if we are spending our money and our
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talent and our investment dollars on simply staying safe, we are losing out. >> you have to be safe. you cannot be free if you are not safe. you cannot have one without the other. america shows that overwhelmingly. safety is the number one concern. terrorism is the number one concern. >> it comes through again and again. it really makes it hard for anyone in a position of responsibility. do you believe that this threat is serious enough to merit closing the schools? those will be hard calls for every business. for all of our national leaders. the more we can do to eliminate the threats proactively, lessons of cost we place on ourselves back home. shutting down the production in the economy. >> take you so much.
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good to have you here. continuing our breaking coverage of the shutdown in los angeles. gun range owner jan morgan. the reality is, all of these schools are soft targets. minimal security in place. are we leaving them at risk here every single day? >> there are a lot of soft targets out there. that is why people need to be armed. that is why a lot of school districts are actually arming their teachers. there are a number of school districts across america, even here in my home state and arkansas. better prepared for mass shootings and those kinds of horrible situations. >> what about having security forces there? having a teacher with a gun in a classroom, the changes in
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military have a security background. our teacher should just have the responsibility, i would think, to teach. we should not be depending on them. i think to myself, why don't we do more to make sure that we have secure facilities. >> exactly. >> i have the perfect solution to that. we have the veterans that are home now that would love to protect our kids. they say, you know, a great solution. let us take care of our kids. that is one possible solution. probably a less solution for hiring social security for our companies. >> it is an interesting thought. we were talking earlier with kt mcfarland. everyone there, men and women, have been trained by the
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military. they carry openly. the school in israel. college campus there. you will see someone put down their bag of books and their guns. the other reality is, those people know and have been trained for the proper respect for firearms that they need. i think that that is sort of the big question here. do we need to be stepping up security all across the country. in light of these attacks. >> not just in light of the attacks. so many places around the country. if you are going to disarm law-abiding citizens in certain locations in this country, the school, football stadiums, they have an obligation and should be held responsible for the utmost security. i refuse to go to a gun free zone.
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>> let me ask you about the gun range. what you are seeing after the reaction in san bernardino there. more people coming in and saying i want to be able to arm myself. we have seen gun sales spike because people are so fearful that the president may have prohibited them from buying ons in the future. what are you seeing at the local level? >> it is not out of fear of what the president is or is not going to do. it takes mass shootings or terrorist attacks. maybe they should take personal responsibility. i am seeing lots of folks come to our facility. our classes are always full. more and more people walking to my range. people never consider owning a gun in their life. you know what, the way america is today, we really do not have
2:30 pm
a choice. the main thing is, by a gun is not sufficient. to anyone that is thinking about a gun or whether or not to get one, do you ever want to be in a situation where you need a gun and do not have it? if the answer is no, why are you walking around without a gun in arms reach. >> you teach a lot. thank you very much. always good to see you. coming up, everyone. terror is the number one concern for americans right now. squaring off tonight on their plan to keep america safe. brett baier is here with how today's events will affect the conversation. stay with us. ♪ i have asthma...
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trish: we have been getting you all of the breaking news out of los angeles today. 640,000 students kept home after a terror threat. new york city is saying that it is not real. they got a similar one. they say that threat is a hoax. a lot of questions right now. whether it is the right move. joining me now is michael balboni. michael, good to have you back on the show. did l.a. make the right choice?
2:35 pm
new consequences. the big picture is if we try to react to these types of threats around the world, we will be in lots of trouble. >> if we react to each of these threats? we will be closing schools every day? >> all the time. remember the mall of america threat earlier this year? it is always about capability. what has been happening. >> what is it that would actually qualify as a real threat. they decided to make this decision. apparently the fbi said that they consider this a hoax. i do not want the reality of one of these kids getting her. >> it is not an academic issue for the communities surrounding san bernardino. they had an attack. they found that folks in their
2:36 pm
home had enough stuff. schools were specifically the ones under threat. >> the threat is out there. the question is what was the process? >> you do have similar threats to the new york city school system. >> the department of homeland security. we talked about açai load information. really looking to protect soft targets. we have that information among state localities. >> it is an obvious point. amazing that it does not happen. it seems to be crippling this country when dealing with the security threat. we have have had lots of threats
2:37 pm
for a long time. if the white house on down, you know, what did the president not say. how will he increase the resources. how will we help local law enforcement now. the pentagon, overseas, that is one aspect of the solution. people are so nervous about terrorism here. working with their communities. i would have had the fbi, the dhs and then i would have had the police commissioners. maybe some local group. >> here is our coordination. here is what we have going on. >> michael balboni. good point. the big concern at the top of the agenda. here are the previous. bret baier.
2:38 pm
good to have you here. >> good to see you. >> we knew that isis would very much be front and center tonight. how does today's events defect what we will here on stage. >> i think it adds to the anxiety. it adds to the potency of some of those questions about what they would do. if you look at the associated press, there are seven out of 10 americans saying they expected another san bernardino type of attack in the u.s. that kind of high level of anxiety creates a totally different playing field for the 2016 election. terrorism now takes the top spot as the important issue. >> we are continuing to see donald trump increasing his lead. nonetheless, ted cruz has taken out a bit here, too.
2:39 pm
donald trump 38%. second place as 15%. is that concern the fear about terrorism right now? something that is really helping donald trump move higher. >> i think so. i think that it is more of an anxiety. someone that will shift things up. talk tough. when push comes to shove, whether you can translate numbers that say this guy will shake things up and he is not going to put up with anything from either isis or politicians that do not get stuff done in washington, that sentiment is raising his poll numbers. whether trump can translate that into somebody that can go into a firehouse into a snowy night in iowa and stand up and says i am caucusing for donald trump. trish: that is a big question.
2:40 pm
does he have the infrastructure. having all of these people to go out to the polls and to be voting. >> there is a month left. it will come quickly. he does have it in new hampshire. he has invested some money and trying to talk people into those states. really astonishing at how he has been going into the low 40s. even with this many candidates in the race. >> thank you so much. trish: make sure to catch brett tonight on fox news channel at 6:00 p.m. also a special edition of the o'reilly factor. i will be joining bill in bringing you some analysis of tonight's the bait and the latest on the race for the white house.
2:41 pm
do not forget fox business big debate just right around the corner. round two with the republican candidates. all kicking off. january 14 right here on fox business. you do not want to miss this. coming up, everyone, my intelligence on this new world that we are living in. terrorism threatening our children. shutting down our cities. all as we headed to our christmas season. what kind of world are we creating for our kids. stay with us. that is next. ♪
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♪ >> the big day is coming up. janet yellen will decide the fates of interest rates all happening tomorrow. a special edition happening. neil cavuto himself. lou dobbs, sandra smith. charlie gasparino delivering bad news to you. in the meantime, a big rally underway. up to 27 on the down right now. the nasdaq up 66. any concern coming out of los angeles. they are also picking up some high corporate bonds. also known as junk bonds today. ahead of the fed announcement tomorrow. the intelligence report will be right back. my intel on the terrifying
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school shut down in los angeles. ♪ anncr: when the attacks come here...
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...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. trish: 14 years since 9/11. pretty incredible when you think about that. living in a world where americans do not feel safe. resample data shows americans are more worried now than they were in the days following 9/11.
2:46 pm
they are to blame. we should not have gone into iraq without a plan. that is on president bush. lawmakers, including hillary clinton made that time. we should have never gotten out of iraq when we did. getting out of iraq led to the creation. it was a power vacuum. banding together to pursue their dream they are in serious. right now, president obama. some responsibility for isis. he still refuses to recognize islamic extremism for what it is. comparing the president not calling radicals islamic radicals. to the harry potter book.
2:47 pm
the evil villain. they referred to him as he who shall not be named. islamic radicals. just like this harry potter. giving the villain more power. right now we need to be doing everything we can to defeat isis. a lot of that means recognizing the enemy. calling the enemy for what it is. coming up next, my huckabee will join me with his plan to fight terrorism at home. would he allow thousands of serious refugees to come into this country right now? what about suspending visa is. you do not want to miss this. we will sound off right after this. ♪ s you.
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trish: here we are just hours away from the first of two presidential debates. the number one issue, terrorism and keeping this country safe. front and center with the threat. i spoke with governor mike huckabee just a short while ago. what message it is that he wants to get across to voters tonight. >> one of the things i hope people will start understanding is the presidency is not a level entry job. serving in an executive capacity of government. we have a lot of challenges ahead of us. we have to rebuild our military from the ground up. that will not work for us. we are weak in the middle east. we have overextended the reserve in the national guard.
2:52 pm
we have to start building up the military and plan on accepting reality that we are living in a very dangerous world. we have to make sure that americans understand that. >> building up the military. what do you mean by that? >> building up troops, forces, equipment, training and preparation to fight. not to be a social experience. the purpose is to kill people and break things. it sounds blunt. sent overseas to deal with this. we need more like 10,000 troops overseas. where do you see this? how many american soldiers do we have fighting isis. >> i would discuss the other numbers more than barack obama.
2:53 pm
it would be led to the military. a lot closer to being right. it may take more than 10,000. the mission, the accomplishment to what we want. here is how many we are going to send. here is our objective. here is how we will achieve it. we have to do everything it takes. trish: the visa waiver program. this theory and refugee program. ensuring that we have a safer domestic environment and we are not being infiltrated by isis terrorists. >> we need to say no to the idea of bringing serious refugees. why are there refugees? isis has taken over the kennedys, neighborhoods and homes. that is a better solution than bringing them 8000 miles to a country where they do not speak the language. completely at a loss what to do. let's not bring them to the
2:54 pm
united states because isis has already boasted that the easiest thing they will ever be able to do is infiltrate the so-called refugees and come with an open reputation. then they can blow us up. how dumb is that? there is nothing more ridiculous. americans are smarter in the administration has to know that. >> the reality is, people can come to the united states with some pretty simple waivers. does that need to change? we are essentially at war with isis. any member may not have that. they may have a belgium passport. what do we need to be doing to make sure those people are not coming here and disrupting our safety? >> i think we need to put a suspension on that for now. we do not know about the people
2:55 pm
coming. we know that one of the san bernardino killers had been three times that did. that system of checking her background had utterly failed. she was given a third zero ground of background checks. she had already made indications and statements that she was a killing machine waiting for her target. >> we did not check or social media profile. somehow, that may be politically incorrect. talking about islamic extremism. that is part of what seems to be so messed up in all of this. >> it is very messed up. the odd to be checking social media. we will find out more about people than what they tell us. they put things on social media. why do employers look at social media for potential employees anymore? the real person, more so then
2:56 pm
they will get from the resume. trish: governor, it is great to have you here. we wish you all the luck in the debate. >> thank you very much. trish: we will see you soon. we have more of the intelligence report right after this. ♪ you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. :
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what it is going to mean for your wallet? also catch o'reilly, a special edition of the o'reilly factor. i'm joining bill to bring you expert analysis of tonight's debate and the latest for the race for the white house. i'll see you tonight, going to be a late one. in the meantime, heading over to liz. liz: so much news on many levels here, but, of course, the false alarm of epic proportions, the threat of terror disrupting daily life in the city of angels. the target, the kids. more than half a million of them, what is being called a noncredible threat shut down the los angeles unified school district forcing more than 643,000 students to stay home. los angeles school officials deciding early this morning to take no chances. they closed more than 1,000 schools after an e-mail threatened bombs in a backpack. that threat forced the second biggest school district in the nation to cancel all classes. this move comes as the l.a.


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